Equilibrium within The Uproar



So, I met her again.

Last night, in my very own crowded mind.

Where the universe is happening in an uproar.

I complained on how my head wont let me sleep,

and how the world seems to stand up againts me.

“Well, This is kinda funny.” She said as she took a glance into the beautiful Raven sky.

“You shouldn’t be worried about that”.

She smiled bitterly before looking straight into my eyes.


“Listen to me, Darling. We are born with a wonderful gift”.

I shook my head before saying “What kind of gift?”.

She point her head, answering

“We have an ability to think and use our common sense to survive

our brains are acomodating, asimilating, and searching for a point where balance-or should i say-equilibrium; might happen.”.

I frowned.

“we are living to survive. Your beautiful mind could create a schema where you are able to pass every phase of life.”

I just don’t get it. So I ask her “Why?”.

and she let that beautiful smile slipped off her face.

“Because We learn”.


In a second, the uproars are redeemed into a soft whisper of a night wind.

“You shouldn’t be afraid of what life is capable of doing. It is our duty to live the life we are living in.

She smiles before dissolving with the night wind.

As I slowly let my eyelids shuts,

She sang me this beautiful lullaby with a soft whisper.

“We live. Therefore, we learn.”


This Phrase is inspired from Jean Piaget’s Learning Theory.

Vera Amanda S



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